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Verona-based medical and healthcare software developer Epic Systems sued Tata Consultancy Services in 2014, alleging Tata had stolen trade secrets.

Initially, the court ruled epic would be awarded with $940 million, which was later reduced to $420 million in 2017, and then reduced even further to $280 million in 2020, according to a March 24 article by MedCity News.

Last month, the Supreme Court of the United States denied a petition from Epic that challenged the 2020 appeals court’s decision to reduce Tata’s payout to Epic from $420 million down to $280 million, MedCity News reported.

The original 2014 lawsuit by Epic claimed the India-based information and technology company Tata Consultancy Services had stolen trade secrets from Epic to produce a competing product called Med Mantra.

Originally, in 2016, Epic was awarded $940 million in damages -- $240 million was in compensatory damages and $700 million in punitive damages, MedCity News states.

However, in 2017, the total amount was reduced to $420 million by a judge in Wisconsin, because of a law that states the punitive damages cannot exceed double the amount of compensatory damages.

In 2020, a Seventh U.S. Circuit Court of Appeals three-judge panel lowered the punitive damages to $140 million.

In 2021, Epic asked the Supreme Court to review its case. On March 21, the Supreme Court’s ruling upheld the Seventh U.S. Circuit Court of Appeals’ decision, so Tata is set pay Epic $140 million in punitive damages and another $140 million in compensatory damages, according to the MedCity News article.

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