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Fisher King Winery owners Alwyn and Kate Fitzgerald announced the permanent closure of the winery on Friday, Oct. 23. The financial impact from COVID-19, especially as they were heading into the winter months, made it “impossible” to stay open, they wrote in a Facebook post.

Fisher King Winery permanently closes

Fisher King Winery will close by the end of October.

Owners Alwyn and Kate Fitzgerald announced the closure in an Oct. 23 Facebook post, stating that the impact of being closed for seven weeks during the summer months because of the COVID-19 pandemic and reduced retail sales has made it impossible to stay open. On Oct. 8, Fisher King had announced a temporary closure, also credited to COVID-19.

Any grants or loan assistance Fisher King received in the beginning of the pandemic has not been enough to counter the losses in revenue and limited cash reserves, the post states.

“With no obvious end in sight to the COVID–19 pandemic, and the slow winter months about to hit, it is no longer feasible for us to keep operating,” the post reads. “We thought we had a fighting chance to turn the corner this year, but COVID has made that impossible.

“We, along with so many other businesses, have had to pay the terrible price of this pandemic.”

During the summer, they had opened their patio to patrons with regular live music performances after reopening on May 27 after some county restrictions were lifted.

The equipment and inventory assets inside Fisher King Winery will be liquidated, the post states, and will be sold to a new group of people who are planning to build a new winery. Fisher King wines will still be available for purchase in stores where they are sold for the next six months, according to the Facebook post.

The Fitzgeralds thanked customers for their support in the post, and offered an apology that they could not weather the COVID-19 pandemic.

“It has truly been a great run,” the post states. “We are glad you love our wine and we’ve enjoyed meeting you over the past few years.”

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