Our Verona Press office has been quiet since March 2020, and it’s about to get quieter.

This month, Unified Newspaper Group will complete the process of consolidating our limited in-person operations to our downtown Oregon office at 156 N. Main St. That will mean vacating our longtime headquarters in Verona.

We have been working with a small number of people in the office for more than a year, and it didn’t take long to figure out we were more efficient at covering our spread-out communities from remote, anyway.

While much of our work has been at home during the COVID-19, we’ve been waiting impatiently for a return to when we could spend more of out time out and about in the community – not just at events, but also doing writing and other, more mundane work, in coffee shops, restaurants and other hangouts.

So to facilitate our commitment to local journalism and ensure sustainability, we have chosen to reduce our facility costs by 90% and settle in one spot.

We recognize this could cause some inconveniences to our readers. Certainly it will not be as easy to drop by and ask a question, grab a copy of any of our publications or bring us payments or written submissions.

We believe this will be offset by more consistent office hours and our reinvestment in additional staffing.

Our final moving date is to be determined. Over the next few weeks, we’ll be staffed only sporadically in Verona and will leave our front entryway open for submissions or to pick up our free publications.

Other changes are coming over the next several weeks and months, including a second online newsletter, updates to our website’s visual presence and offerings and potentially new subscription/membership options on our website.

For news tips, information or answers to questions from any of our news team members, leave a message on our newsroom line at 845-0167 with contact information. To ask a question for general manager Jim Ferolie, call 845-0164.

For any other general questions, call 845-9559 or pick one of the contact emails from our list on Page 4.

Email Unified Newspaper Group general manager Jim Ferolie at jim.ferolie@wcinet.com.

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