Whether you like your coffee iced, hot or cold brew; dark, medium or light roast; black or with a splash of milk – Verona’s coffee shops seem to offer something to meet the tastes of all types of java aficionados.

The options for coffee have been increasing more quickly over the years – for seven years, The Sow’s Ear was one of Verona’s only coffee shops until Tuvalu opened in 2007. In the past five years, three more places have opened, and two more could be coming soon.

Regional chain Grace Coffee and global chain Starbucks are both in the process of bringing new locations to Verona on the west side near Verona Area High School. Grace opened its sixth store last weekend in the Peloton apartments at the top of Fish Hatchery Road and Starbucks has 18 standalone and express locations in the Madison area.

Starbucks is still in the planning phases of the development and has only brought a concept plan forward to the Plan Commission; Grace Coffee has not formally announced an opening date for its Verona location in Market No. 5 but in March announced its intentions to open a location there.

But for now, there are still five businesses around the city that provide a cup of joe, and each aims to offer a little something different from the rest. Depending on where you go, you can also find yarn, ice cream, baked goods and bike parts to accompany your jolt of caffeine.

The Press spoke to the owners and managers to find out what’s brewing around Verona.

Neal Patten can be contacted atnpatten@wisconsinmediagroup.com.

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