During the Aug. 8 Common Council meeting, alders voted on a resolution approving a condominium plat to create four condominium units located at 501 and 509 West Verona Avenue.

Applicant Forward Development Group requested the plat for its Sugar Creek Commons project. Sugar Creek Commons is a development consisting of 143 residential units, approximately 27,000-square-feet of commercial space, a pedestrian plaza space, underground parking, and surface parking.

“The mix of these uses within Sugar Creek Commons has required FDG to closely examine ownership structures for the project,” the company wrote in its June 30 condominium plat request to the City. “Due to the differing types of assets contained within Sugar Creek Commons, ownership for the commercial spaces is desired to be different than that of the residential spaces, thus the desire to create condominium units for the different spaces. Doing so will allow the commercial ownership group (and its tenants) to retain control of its space without overlap with the ownership and management of the residential units.”

According to FDG’s request, condo unit 1 contains the residential areas, which includes the underground parking, condo unit 2 contains the patio area and commercial space located in building B, which is sited on the corner of West Verona Avenue and Legion Street, condo unit 3 contains the patio area and commercial space in building C, which fronts onto West Verona Avenue, and condo unit 4 contains all the surface parking area, sidewalks, and pedestrian plaza area.

City staff had no concerns with the condominium plat. The Plan Commission voted 5-0 on Aug. 1 to recommend the Common Council approve the condominium plat. The Common Council voted 7-0 on Aug. 8 to approve the plat.

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