Sugar Creek students dump hot dog condiments on teachers as part of their Fun Run pep rally

Cameron Plumer dumps mustard on fifth grade teacher Jen Maier during the Sugar Creek Elementary School's pep rally on Friday, Oct. 1, leading up to the Fun Run the following day. The students got to participate in the pep rally after raising $33,000 for the school.

What’s the cost of getting to slime your teachers with cups of old ketchup, mustard and relish as they lay on a hot dog-shaped piece of paper? Some may say it’s priceless, but the record for this year’s Sugar Creek Elementary School fundraiser will say it’s $33,000.

Students were treated to a pep rally on Friday, Oct. 1, where grades K-2 and then 3-5 got to take their turns in two different pep rallies where they could take their pick of old condiments to dump on four teachers and principal Todd Brunner as a reward for their fundraising efforts. The fundraiser coincides with the school’s annual Fun Run, which was held the following day on Saturday, Oct. 2.


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