Verona Area High School performs "Xanadu" in first live show back since the start of the COVID-19 pandemic

Center, Sonny (Brennen Pelletier) and the Muses sing "All Over the World" as they clean up the roller disco theater in time to meet the owner's demands during the Verona Area High School's production of "Xanadu," on Friday, Oct. 8, at its Fine Arts Center.

For the first time in over a year and a half, Verona Area High School Theater performers were back on stage.

This time, it was a new stage, too, as the high school theater department performed its musical production of “Xanadu” from Thursday, Oct. 7, to Saturday, Oct. 9, at the new high school’s Fine Arts Center, which can fit approximately 300 more people than the previous performing arts center at what is now Badger Ridge Middle School.

The plot of the musical followed the journey of Greek muse Kira (played by Bella Becker), who descended from the heavens into 1980 California to create the first roller disco after a human chalk artist named Sonny (Brennan Pelletier) draws her and her muse sisters. Kira’s sisters Calliope (Eva Perez) and Melpomene (Lora Reinfeldt) became jealous as she searched for “Xanadu,” something her father Zeus had promised to her, but prompted her banishment to Earth by making her fall for Sonny.

To create the roller disco, Kira and Sonny had to convince real estate mogul Danny (Daniel Christian) to sell them an old theater to renovate, and their plans almost fell through until Kira reminded Danny of an old love interest, Kitty.

Verona Area High School graduate Caleb Mathura made it to the top 15 of the “Broadway’s Next on Stage” competition hosted by Broadway Records …


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