The Verona Press sent questionnaires to both candidates for the State Assembly District 80 race: Mike Bare and Jacob Luginbuhl. Luginbuhl did not respond before the deadline.

Candidates were asked to limit their answers to 50 words. Responses may have been trimmed to meet word requirements.

Mike Bare (D)

Why are you running?

I’m compelled to run by the many challenges we face with our democracy and rights being under attack, and our communities and schools needing investment. My experience, accomplishments and perspectives will make me a good lawmaker. I have the most experience working with policy… I have worked at every level of government.

What are the most important issues your district faces?

We must first defend and strengthen our democracy. I’m ready to fight for voting rights, to end partisan gerrymandering, and to stop the purposeful spread of disinformation. I would address this by building bipartisan and stakeholder-driven coalitions, which is work I have been doing well for many years.

Several school districts, including in Oregon and Verona, will have a referendum on the ballot this November due to a lack of state funding. In your role, if elected, how would you move forward to support schools financially over the course of your term?

A quality public education is a right. The zero-dollar per-pupil increases in the current state budget for schools have been devastating and directly led to referendums… we must properly fund public education at the state level. Teachers know how to teach, but they need hefty raises, better benefits and their collective bargaining rights restored.

How do you plan to address affordable housing shortages amidst rising inflation in your district?

We must increase the available stock of affordable housing by preserving current affordable units, building new affordable homes and apartments, removing state preemptions that are in the way of municipalities directing their affordable housing and housing quality efforts, and increasing effective and evidence-based responses to housing insecurity like housing first, providing legal counsel to those experiencing eviction, and increasing wages.

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