The City of Verona will have a new garbage and recycling contract in 2022.

On Monday, Oct. 11, the Common Council will decide which company will get the five-year deal, which will not change the scope of services but could affect what days collections are on and whether residents will get new carts.

Houston-based Waste Management has been providing those services since 2012, with every-other-week recycling and weekly garbage each going in 95-gallon carts. 

The city's Public Works committee reviewed bids from three companies over the summer and recommended a switch to Pellitteri Waste Systems. The change would mean switching bins, changing service days to Monday through Thursday, rather than Monday and Tuesday, and it would save roughly $1 per stop, or about 9% of the current bill, in 2022 but increase by another $2 per stop by 2026.

Waste Management's bid would start at a $3-per-stop increase over the current rate and go up yearly according to the consumer price index.

A third company, Badgerland Disposal, bid lower than Pellitteri but fell short on some of the committee's preferences, including local presence, experience with comparable communities, positive testimonials and reference checks from other clients and the use of compressed natural gas in its vehicles. 

If the council decides to switch companies, the change would happen at the beginning of 2022 and would involve delivering new carts and providing information to residents over the next couple of months.

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