Town of Verona votes Nov. 3

From left, Laura Daly and Jean Greene prepare ballots for tabulation while Mary Beth Ring, right, picks them up to feed into the machine on Election Day, Nov. 3, in the Town of Verona Hall’s common room. Accordingn to unofficial election results provided by the town clerk the next day, the town’s residents cast 1,422 ballots in total, with 1,081 being either mailed or in-person absentee.

The greater Verona area’s turnout for the Tuesday, April 5, election was on par with last year’s spring election, despite the absence of a state-wide election that was a key race in 2021.

For the April 5 election, 2,895 voters between both the city and town of Verona cast a ballot, equaling 27.1% of 10,658 combined registered voters. The city had 2,238 voters out of its 9,150 registered voters, or 24.4% turnout; the town had a much larger percentage of voters who participated, with 657 ballots cast out of 1,508 voters, or 43.6%.

The April 5 election consisted of all local races, with the three contested races in the greater Verona area being two seats on the town board and an At-large seat on the Verona Area Board of Education. The 2021 spring election pulled just over 30% of voters, which featured a state-wide race for the state Department of Public Instruction superintendent alongside local races.

In the April 5 election, the city had a higher percentage of its ballots cast as absentee, with 31% being either mailed in or done during early voting hours held the two weeks prior to the election. In the town, it was just a quarter of all ballots that were done as absentee.

More than 35% of requested ballots in the City of Verona were not returned by 8 p.m. on April 5, compared to a quarter of those ballots requested in the town.

Few absentee ballots were rejected – the city rejected one, and the town rejected two.

Most incumbents kept their seats in the April 5 election, as most were running unopposed. The one exception was the race for Town Board Supervisor No. 3, where longtime board member Mike Duerst ousted incumbent Phyllis Wiederhoeft. The other board seat, a competition between two newcomers, resulted in Deborah Paul winning over opponent Kirsten Witte.

For the school board’s At-large seat, incumbent Joe Hanes won against opponent Jo Ellen Kilkenny. This will be Hanes’ first full term after he was appointed to the board in November.


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