A former Glacier Edge Elementary School custodian has pleaded guilty to the murder of his 13 year old daughter following a drunken attack on her and his wife in July 2020.

Travis M. Christianson, 45, pleaded guilty to two felony counts – first degree intentional homicide for his daughter Addrianna, a Savanna Oaks Middle School student, and attempted first degree intentional homicide for his then-wife Dawn, whose arms were stabbed in an altercation – during a plea hearing in Dane County Circuit Court on Wednesday, Sept. 15. Judge Nicholas J. McNamara accepted the guilty plea, entered by Christianson’s attorney Jessa Nicholson.

Christianson received an automatic life sentence for Addrianna’s death, which occurred on July 30, 2020, at the family’s home on Dorchester Way in the City of Madison, just west of Fitchburg.

Christianson will appear at a sentencing hearing on Dec. 1. During that hearing, McNamara will decide how much of the sentence for first-degree intentional homicide Christianson will serve in prison before becoming eligible for extended supervision after 20 years, or whether he will be eligible at all, according to a story from the Wisconsin State Journal.

During the hearing, Christianson will also be sentenced for the attempted first-degree homicide charge, which carries a maximum of 65 years in prison, the State Journal story states.

Christianson had previously pleaded not guilty to both charges.

On July 30, 2020, Christianson was tased and arrested after his wife called 911 saying her husband Travis had stabbed her and that he was going to kill their daughter.

Upon entering the home, officers found Addrianna lying face-down in the bathtub of a second-floor bathroom, completely submerged in water and blood, the complaint reads. As officers removed her, they noticed several stab wounds around her body, including deep cuts in her upper chest and neck, and other wounds on her arms.

According to the criminal complaint filed in Dane County Court, Dawn had been sleeping just before 9 p.m. on July 30, and awoke to find Travis intoxicated and preparing to go out to purchase more beer. She told him that if he drove while intoxicated, she would file for separation and went out to get beer for him instead.

Dawn arrived at a nearby grocery store too late to buy beer, and returned home minutes later, finding Travis standing at the bottom of the stairs with an 8-inch knife in his hand, according to the complaint. She said she asked what he was doing, and if he could put the knife down. When she took a step toward him, he jabbed the knife at her, cutting her three times, according to the complaint.

While trying to wrestle the knife away from Travis, she asked about Addrianna, to which Travis replied, “I already killed her,” she told police. She was able to take the knife from him, leave the house and call for help.

According to court records, Dawn filed for divorce on Aug. 7, three days after Travis was charged with the felony counts.

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