Letter to the editor

Voters in the Democratic primary for the 80th State Assembly District are lucky to have a lot of great candidates.

I believe that any of the candidates could do the job. However, working in the assembly is not an easy job and whoever ends up doing it is going to need to work very hard to be truly successful.

That’s why I’m endorsing Mike Bare: he’s an incredibly hard worker who has a clear record of delivering results.

As a county board representative, Mike helped to secure county funding for restoration along the Ice Age Trail in Verona. He also supported the land purchase adjacent to the Ice Age Trail as part of the deal between Dane County, the City of Verona, the City of Madison, and the Town of Verona. Mike has a clear record of working to protect our environment.

Mike has also used his position on the Dane County Board to support community organizations like the Badger Prairie Needs Network.

For these reasons and more, I’m voting for Mike Bare.

Luke Diaz

Mayor of Verona

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