Despite the fact that over 75% of the local residents express a desire to maintain the rural character of the community, the City Mayor, the City Administrator, the Planning Commission and all but one of the Common Council members continue to vote for annexing rural land, ignoring agreements and their own comprehensive plan.

The recent vote to annex over 140 acres of prime agricultural land and eliminate one of the few dairy farms in the county shows their disregard for the community and its wishes. Verona is closing in on becoming just another city with congested housing and no character joining the mega developments of Madison, Middleton and Fitchburg.

Reacting to the desires of one landowner and one developer and ignoring their duty to the citizens of the area is a great disservice by all of them. I would encourage all the locals to become involved with the plans for these mega developments and voice their opinions at upcoming meetings and at the ballot box.

John Senseman

Town of Verona

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