As the war in Ukraine rages on, many of us feel a sense of dread that our leaders are insane.

By leaders, I refer to all those who have power, both political and financial. The planet that sustains us is on life support and our leaders bring on more war. More greed. More hate towards the powerless.

We are led and controlled by sociopaths. These are people that are billionaires many times over, yet don’t pay their workers enough money to live on. These are people that own the media companies that push more war and more mindless consumption so that earning statements continue to increase.

Consumption that is killing our planet. Causing extinction. Causing plastic to choke out life. Causing the burning of fossil fuels to cook our planet. Causing old growth forests to be destroyed for cattle grazing and toilet paper.

Our leaders have failed us all. Recent events have brought great joy to the arms manufacturers, both here and worldwide. The merchants of death are smiling , for war is profitable. Meanwhile, it is the just that suffer the bombs and starvation that war brings.

The leaders never fight in these wars. They are far away, counting their money. Not caring one bit about the death and destruction they cause. So what can be done? I wish I had an easy answer. In my opinion it starts with rejecting the idea that wars are just. They never are and only the just suffer.

Second, is that we have to stop living just to consume resources. It’s killing our ecosystem. Our leaders tell us consumption is good for the economy. It’s not.

Third, when it comes to our natural environment, do no harm. We’ve already lost most wilderness areas. We rely on species diversity. It’s almost gone. Finally, we need to love and take care of each other.

Life is not about obtaining as much as we can. It’s about relationships, learning more and caring for each other. One of the reasons there is so much misery is because a very elite few have hoarded most of the wealth. They’ve made healthcare and education a business. They seek to own what’s left of clean water.

Again, they are sociopaths. Unable to share even a bit. Our current path is not sustainable. We have to seek justice. As W.H. Audin said” We must love one another or die.”

Tim Melin


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