Nuclear weapons are the secret that no one wants to see or talk about.

Along with the ever accelerating heating of the planet, these weapons present the greatest threat to all life on this planet home we call Earth. To continue to build and upgrade these weapons is insane. Of what use are they other than to destroy?

In an instant of error or anger, all life on this planet can be extinguished by these technological beasts. We live in a world that requires healing. Yet people of unfathomable wealth and power dictate we build these bombs. Life-killing bombs. Bombs that cost billions of dollars to build, yet only give death.

The billions spent on these weapons could feed people. They could heal people. They could educate people. The money spent on these bombs could help heal our dying ecosystems.

Our leaders have failed us. They have given in to the rich and powerful that profit from death. They are cowards.

As COVID-19 dominates our news cycle, let us not forget the greater threat to us all. They are nuclear weapons. Still there. Still the secret that no one wants to think about. And still an insane idea that we have them and are willing to use them.

Tim Melin

City of Verona

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