As the social distancing restrictions have changed from six to three feet apart for students in schools, Verona Area High School students, who are already in person two days per week, will now be able to return four days per week for fourth quarter.

Students who have been virtual the entire year are being ignored. One third of the student population chose to remain virtual back in January as we felt it was not safe to return.

Now, as students and staff are getting vaccinated, many of us feel that the in person option should be made available to all students, not just to those already receiving in person instruction. About one-third of families are being penalized for choosing to stay virtual earlier this winter.

Now that conditions are changing, our kids deserve a chance to be back in the classroom too. Families should be given a new survey to measure the level of interest in returning in person. Then the district can adjust accordingly.

The district needs to provide all families with options, not just some. My son deserves to have the opportunity to learn in person for at least part of his senior year.

Anna Liska

City of Verona

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