Mike Duerst is an excellent choice for reelection as a Verona town board supervisor. As a lifelong resident and successful farmer, his deep-rooted connection to our community gives him the commitment and knowledge necessary to make decisions that encompass a wide range of concerns and diverse issues facing the town board.

Mike has the experience of serving 10 years on the Verona town board. I had the pleasure to serve on the board with him.

I have heard Mike ask the tough questions that needed to be asked many times. We need that approach to help keep the board within budget and tackle the major issues facing our town such as road maintenance, stormwater management, equipment purchase/maintenance, budget and providing necessary services (i.e. EMS, Fire).

Myself being among the few remaining active farmers in the Town of Verona, I would like to bring to the attention of my fellow residents the importance of keeping an active farmer like Mike on the town board.

There are experiences gained by driving to his fields, the slow-moving, big farm equipment down narrow town roads without hitting signs or bridges or snarling traffic. These experiences provide Mike with an unique understanding of the challenges of paying for maintenance and upgrades on our 46 miles of roads with our very limited budget

Additionally, there are perspectives that Mike brings to the town board that only years of experience working the land can provide. Drainage and stormwater retention become critical issues for the residents of the town especially during major rain events. Mike has the first-hand experience and know-how to ask the questions and develop long lasting solutions.

Also, Mike has many years dealing with equipment of all sizes and types. He knows what equipment options are essential for the efficient use of the piece of equipment or truck.

Over his tenure, he has saved the town many dollars while ensuring the equipment we purchase will do the job economically for many years. This experience is critical to keeping within our limited budget, experience that is hard to replace.

These are some of my reasons for supporting Mike Duerst for reelection to the town board.

Robert Rego

Former Town Board Supervisor

Town of Verona

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