I would like to salute Tom Duerst as he leaves the Verona Area School Board.

Tom was one of the best board members that I was privileged to serve with during my 15 year tenure on the board. While he and I did not always agree there was never a time that I didn’t know clearly where he stood on an issue.

Always plain spoken he used his business experience and common sense as a farmer to guide his decision making. People might not always have appreciated the plain speaking but no one ever doubted his integrity and love of this community.

He always tried to represent not only the students and teachers but also give voice to the concerns of the residents of our community who do not have children in school. This is always a difficult balance and Tom was able to hold his ground even in some unpopular positions.

I know that there was a cost to that and I have always deeply respected him for it. Tom worked on some of the most important issues this community has ever faced. He was involved in the construction of two elementary schools and the culmination of twenty years of planning that led to our beautiful new High School.

To sum it up it was a great pleasure to serve with Tom and his work on the board will leave a lasting legacy and a continuing impact on the success of our community for many years to come.

Denny Beres

Former VASD Board President

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