Letter to the editor

“Who’s gonna stand up and save the Earth” is a refrain found in a great song by Neil Young.

In this song, Neil speaks of the greed of man and how pipelines and fossil fuels are more important than the planet we call home. Our only home. His words should be heard by everyone.

What humans have done to our world is sad and sick. To satisfy Wall Street, corporations and our own wants, we’ve poisoned our land, water and air. We’ve caused species to become extinct. As in never coming back.

All of what constitutes life on this planet is interconnected. The loss of one species causes harm to other species. It’s a web that is being shredded because of our thirst for more material things. More things to consume. More, more, more.

Our planet cannot sustain eight billion ( and increasing) people that want more and more. There’s not enough clean water for more. Not enough good soil. We have to use less. All of us. Now. It’s not entirely our fault we are this way.

Our media and our educational system teach us or brainwash us into thinking more is better. Growth is good. It’s insane that people work an insane amount of hours to buy stuff we don’t need and then get a few weeks off to recharge and do it all over again. We don’t truly enjoy life because we are so busy being busy. And, we harm our planet.

I can’t imagine being a young person and seeing what the “adults” of the world are destroying. We are already seeing climate change and it’s only beginning. Water shortages are also here. (Arizona is now begging for water because millions of people live in a desert - and they want more growth! ).

Our world of limitless growth fueled by unrestrained capitalism is coming to an end soon. Will we and our future generations survive? It can only happen if we start to realize that our lives are not a competition to see who can acquire the most possessions. It’s killing our planet.

Cooperation, living more simply, and doing no further harm is essential. So is restoring and protecting wilderness areas. Our children will inherit a living hell because of our greed and injustices. It has to stop.

Who’s gonna stand up and save the earth? It all starts with you and me.

Timothy Melin


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