My name is Patti Halverson. I have been a member of this community for 35 years and my children attended VASD schools.

I have worked in Specialized Instruction for the Verona Area School District for 16 years, I am the President of the Verona Area Support Personnel Association. I also work at Miller’s and Sons in their bakery as a cake decorator.

It is that time of the year when members of our community are given the honor and right to have your voices heard as you place your ballots for candidates to serve on the Verona Area School Board. The people you elect to the school board affects everything in the community from businesses and their workforces, to property values and to raising and educating our future just to name a few.

Please join me in supporting Jennifer Murphy, Kalyanna Williams and Nicole Yafadari for the three at-large seats on the Verona Area School Board. Jen, Yanna and Nicole are determined to make sure all voices are heard and represented as they make their decisions that impact our school district. We need candidates that are well-rounded and child-centered to represent our community on the Board.

I know Jen as a former coworker and teacher at VAHS. She currently is employed as a UW faculty member and has experienced first-hand the problems that we face in public education in Wisconsin. She knows the challenges that our district is facing and she brings a wealth of knowledge to lead our schools in the right direction.

Kalyanna Williams, works with at-risk youth. She will ensure all students have a powerful advocate on our school board.

Nicole Vafadari knows how critical a strong public school district is to our community as she is a parent of young children who will be attending our schools in the future.

We need our school board members who will take the time to ensure that all perspectives are heard, who will solicit constituent feedback and take the time to ask the questions before making decisions.

Jennifer Murphy, Kalyanna Williams, and Nicole Vafadari possess the experience, knowledge and passion to be the powerful advocates our district’s students, parents and staff need on our VASD Board. Jennifer Murphy, Kalyanna Williams and Nicole Vafadari are collaborators who can bring all groups together for compromise.

For good of our students, parents, community and all staff, please join me on April 6 to place your vote for Jennifer Murphy, Kalyanna Williams and Nicole Vafadari for the three at-large seats on our Verona Area School Board.

Patti Halverson


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