The latest United Nations climate report has verified that our planet is getting much hotter and at a much faster rate than originally predicted.

The burning of fossil fuels by humans as well as the cutting of forests being the main drivers of this heating. We watch the news of burning forests and dried up waterways and wonder “ what can I do?” I know I am in this camp.

The fact is, we are already locked in to a warmer planet. Physics being what it is , we will continue to get warmer.

So what can we do?

I think of this and my thoughts always come back to the reason of violence toward the planet and each other. We don’t live in harmony with nature, other species, or other peoples.

Our planet is literally on fire and we continue to extract and burn fossil fuels. Our rain forests will soon be gone, yet we continue to clear them away so cattle can graze. We spray poison on our grass and food fields.

What we are doing to our world is insane. Our media is filled with financial reports on how much the economy is always growing. It’s a lie, because this growth is always at the expense of our natural world.

We destroy wild lands for countryside subdivisions. We pollute our clean water to transport oil. We hunt endangered species for sport. We take and take and take from our planet home and expect it to give even more.

Like the children’s book “ The Lorax,” we have cut down almost every tree and yet wonder why there is chaos in the world. We don’t live in harmony with the planet.

Our planet requires healing. We need to try and save what’s left and try to rebuild back what we can. I’m looking for answers.

I do know building more bombs and weapons is not the answer. Neither is “growing“ the economy to help solve environmental problems. Consuming more is certainly not the answer either — most of us, especially in a city like Verona, have enough “stuff.”

There are so many serious problems humans must confront, but if we don’t have a livable, ecologically diverse world, then nothing else matters. We can’t continue to project violence toward our world or toward other peoples.

We have to adapt, or we perish.

Tim Melin


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